Jennifer Cummings, a Canadian Artist
paintings in oil, wax and acrylic

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wish you much success and happiness on your journey Modern
Sandy Cummings - 29 Apr 2014
I visited Blue Moon Winery in Courtenay today & saw some of your work there. which sparked my interest. Love your wonderful use of delightful colors and design. You are a very talented artist, keep up the lovely work. Hope to see more of your work in the future!
Jan Luck - 21 Aug 2013
I really like your work, the way you capture the scene in a unique way and bring what is important to the foreground, while dreamlike blurring other areas. Saw your site in the Artsites newsletter (have one too).
Alice Pallett - 16 Feb 2013
Hi Jennifer, Great website and am impressed with your work and level of talent. Love your colour mix and creativity. I particularly like the purple tulips on the dumpster :-) and the field of poppies. Keep up the good work. You have proven that Dreams really do come true.
Maureen Craigon - 10 Feb 2012
Just browsing and came across this site. Love the work. Very inspirational.
Jenny - 27 Sep 2010
Just had to take a peek at your great work. Had an email from Lucy saying you were one of her painting buddies from Comox/Courtenay. Hope to meet you both during the Filberg Festival. Happy painting! Carolyn, from Victoria
Carolyn Kowalyk - 11 Jun 2010
Hi Jennifer,Nadine and I just finished admiring your great work and are looking forward to see what you create next. Good luck and the best to you and the family in the new year.
Roy Bertola - 27 Dec 2009
Hi Jennifer. I just wanted to say that I have enjoyed spending time admiring your art and I simply appreciate and admire your passion. You are so very talented and you have been an inspiration for me... which may have caused me to try and take my own artistic vision to another level:) Please keep creating and inspiring. You are amazing! Joel G
Joel Goralski - 30 Nov 2009
Your work is fantastic, sorry I missed the show in May, it has been a busy year. I love the dreamlike quality of your work.
Lisa Chase - 18 Aug 2009
Hi Jennifer.. lovely to meet u on the studio tour.. Ren and i really enjoy your work! hope to see you more in the future:> April
April Lacheur - 17 Aug 2009
Hey Jen...checked out your website the new stuff...beautiful gifted talent...keep dreaming...what's coming out is ahhhhsum! Love Shannon
Shannon Griffith - 16 Oct 2008 was so great meeting you in Napa Valley. Rick and I would love to have you do a piece for our new cottage! We love your work! Linda
Linda Considine & Rick Poetker - 28 Jul 2008
Hi again! I can't believe you were in the newspaper!! That's a really big achievement, even though that may have been a long time ago. :) You're a really amazing artist and don't ever give up. See you soon!!!
Katherine - 15 May 2008
Beautiful paintings, Jennifer. I am friends with Kim Kleven and she led me to your site. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Enjoy living the dream!
Heather - 13 Apr 2008
I took an "evening-walk"through your website....most enjoyable and impressive. Congratulations! Eva
Eva M. Weber - 5 Apr 2008
I am amazed. I remember you taking art lessons when we were teeneagers (just a few years ago) and now look! You are truly very gifted. Way to go Jen. I am very impressed.
Tracy Fingler (Yeatman) - 5 Apr 2008
You're such a talented artist but must be painting too much cause you forgot my birthday again . If only I were loved as much as your canvas and paints...
Your brother - 5 Apr 2008
Great new work. They're lookin' good!! Love you. G PS. Photos of Fireside Lounge awesome.
Gerry Cummings - 4 Apr 2008
Your paintings are lovely and I really love that you have already created such a unique style in such a short time. Can't wait to see your show.
Helen Austin - 26 Mar 2008
Hi Jen, Just took a stroll thru your website...Awesome. The new paintings are really quite exciting to view.
Auntie Karen - 23 Mar 2008
Hi Jen, fantastic art work you made! It is always a great pleasure to work with oil-colours, is'nt it? We hope you have a successfull future! Ricarda + Hekmut
Helmut Krüger - 23 Mar 2008
Hi Jen. Wow! I love your paintings! They are so inspiring. Keep up the wonderful work! It is so nice to have met a wonderfully talented artist! I'm so happy that we met your family in Mexico recently. Who would have thought we'd travel so far to meet someone from our own town who we connected with so well. Christie Nairn - 1 March 2008
Christie Nairn - 1 Mar 2008
Hi Jennifer, We were neighbours from the time we were little girls until around the time you started painting as a young woman - So many years later and I have the opportunity to see that you have grown into a woman with tremendous artistic talent. Congratulations on finding your true gift. What wonderful work!
Michelle Foulkes (nee Doak) - 21 Jan 2008
Hi Jennifer ~ I asked my Dad to send me the link to your website and so glad he did! What beautiful work you do! It inspires me to take out my water colors...:)
Tracey Craigon - 15 Jan 2008
Hey Jennifer... just like your spirit, your paintings are a breathe of fresh air. Swirling in & around the life amongst us. I appreciate the beauty that you have captured! Cheers! Dawn
Dawn - 4 Dec 2007
Hi Jennifer, Remember me? I used to crash at your parents' place when Earl and I were building pools. Cari and I are at Kim and Earl's having dinner. They were showing us your paintings on your website. They are great. You have lots of talent. You must have gotten all of Earl's talent, 'cause he has none. :) Anyway, I just wanted to say "Hi". Take care. The Gionet family (Eric, Cari, Olivia and Ashley)
Eric & Cari Gionet - 17 Nov 2007
Hey Auntie Jen! It is your other niece this time! Just wanted to tell you that your pantings are out of this world! Keep @ it and maybe one day you can teach me how!I lve your pointalysm( excuse my speling)
Stephanie - 13 Nov 2007
Hi Jennifer - great talent -- I loved the Poppies -- keep the adventure going - Love, Sandra
Sandra Rea - 5 Nov 2007
Great paintings! love the flowers the best!
James Doak - 26 Oct 2007
Nice paintings! I found your homepage by entering my name in google. Greetings from Germany
Jennifer Weber - 22 Oct 2007
I saw your paintings today at Harborview Therapeutic Massage. I noticed them right away, and found out they were yours! Great work. Keep it up.
Marlene Leach - 19 Oct 2007
Hi Jen! I've just been back to look at all your paintings again and found the newspaper article - Fantastic!! I loved it!! Reading all the comments from people made me teary eyed - look at all the people whom you've touched with your artwork! Never stop... Hugs ~
Kylie - 2 Oct 2007
Refreshingly extraordinary. "Walk of Glory" is quite remarkable. In fact I see that you show a consistant thread; a plush feel and great shape/composition. I feel these are important, showing an ingrained artistic eye. Thank you.
Benjamin Dunstan - 1 Oct 2007
Jen, I am so impressed. Your paintings are beautiful. I really think you've done a great job on the website and I love the comments regarding the inspiration behind some of your pieces. On so many levels, the art world is richer by having you in it. ;)
Michelle Abdool - 18 Sep 2007
Hi Jen...I have come back to your site a few times now and appreciate and view your work differently and more fully each time. The colors and style are beautiful and your creativity and artistry are inspiring. Looking forward to talking with you more about this soon!
Christina Berry - 13 Sep 2007
Jennifer, your pictures are amazing. Thanks for sharing! I love all the colour and especially the abstracts. Lynn and Maya
Lynn and Maya Swift - 9 Sep 2007
great to see your paintings! i love the colours and motives, they just perfectly fit to your character i believe. the page looks quite professional - respect ^^ bests*c
Claudia - 9 Sep 2007
Hey Auntie Jen! Your paintings are really, really amazing!!! My favourite painting was the "Charmed" painting. Can't wait to see more of your creations!
Katherine - 4 Sep 2007
What a great website Jennifer.You are blooming. I love your flower pictures the most.Just keep on painting and slow down on the scrabble words!But,keep on cooking.Love, Barbara
Barbara McDowell - 4 Sep 2007
You are inspiration! I love how you are following your passion...and it shows in your paintings!! Thank you, Jen, for continuing to inspire me. The paintings are lovely and full of the colours of you! I want to go and paint now!
Lisa Kirk - 4 Sep 2007
Beautiful works of art Jennifer! I love the softness of shapes and colour in your paintings...very surreal. I hope to have a website of my photgraphic art up soon as well! Thanks for sharing your talents and inspiration! Tara Craigon (Ian's Daughter)
Tara Craigon - 4 Sep 2007
You are a true talent my friend! I LOVE your pictures and look forward to owning some. :)
Sue - 4 Sep 2007
Wow, Jen! I am so very impressed with your paintings. I knew you liked to paint but had no idea the talent that lies within you. I will pass your website on.
Christine Sullivan - 3 Sep 2007
Thank you for sending us your website. I can only reiterate what has already been said in the comments before. Your paintings really are lovely...I am already saving to buy one!
Joanne Steven - 3 Sep 2007
Hi, Jen! As a teacher of the summer academie in Meerbusch I want to give all my compliments for such a various and professional work! Keep working so wonderful and exquisite!
Helmut Krüger - 3 Sep 2007
Absolutely amazing work!!! I am so impressed by your talent. Congrats on realizing your dream.
Kim kleven - 2 Sep 2007
This is incredible Jen. You are truly an amazing talented artist. I love every single one of your paintings, they all capture the escence of a story and a special place in a very original and beatiful way. I myself love painting and can certainly apprecite your great work. Thank you for sharing your website and art with all of us.
Jose Orozco - 1 Sep 2007
Jen, these pieces are exquisite! I really like your abstracts. Birdsong, Dreamscape, Between. These are fantastic and very professionally done. I can see this is a real calling for you and I look forward to seeing your body of work grow!
Kasey Cummings - 1 Sep 2007
I am overwhelmed by the talent here on canvass. If I had to guess the artist I would have guessed they were painted by someone infinately more famous than Emily Carr. They say true beauty lives within. Your beauty lives not only within you are a beautiful person with a beautiful family and now you share that enormous wealth of beauty on canvass for all to see and share. How lucky are we! Thank you, sending YOU all the love you can handle.
Auntie Karen - 1 Sep 2007
From one person living a dream to another...they do come true! Talented Artist, amazing mother, incredible cook...what a gift you are sharing with others...truly truly beautiful work proud! September 1, 2007
Shannon - 1 Sep 2007
Jennifer, these are so beautiful!! You can absolutly see your awesome spirit in these pieces - amazing!! Can't wait to hang one in my house...
Jillian Goralski - 1 Sep 2007
Thank you for sending me your new site! You are a woman with many talents. I love the Water lily picture. Beautiful work Jennifer. I wish you the best with your future endevours! Kristine Macaulay
Kristine Macaulay - 1 Sep 2007
To say how proud we are of you would be understatement … you just never cease to amaze us! … though we’ve seen many of your paintings ‘in person’, it’s quite a treat and thrill to see them on display for ‘world’ viewing … though we admire all your paintings, if we had to chose favorites they would be ”Seal Bay View” and “Lilies” … Love Mom & Dad PS – Very much like your web site – clean and simple!
Doris & Earl Cummings - 1 Sep 2007
Awesome work Jennifer! Tanja and I are really impressed with your work and we're going to be looking through these ... keep up the great work!
Rob Cummings - 1 Sep 2007
Wow, beautiful Jen! Live your dream! Thanks for sharing your creations with me - especially loved Fantasy Garden, Ribbon Nude, all 3 of the flower ones,Seal Bay View, A Taste for Summer, & Walk of Glory Much success and Joy to you. Sheri
Sheri Nakken, Earth Mysteries & Sacred Site Tours & Well Within - 1 Sep 2007
Jennifer WOW!! I didn't even know you had that in you. They look fantastic like the flowers the best. keep em coming
Brendan Bingham - 1 Sep 2007
Your secret to success was the visualization of your dream. Great work, Grandpa would have beens so proud of you. As I am. The Lilies--my favourite. Love you. G
Gerry Cummings - 31 Aug 2007
Amazing work Jen. I love the poppies. On a geekier note, the web site design is really clean and nice. I would really encourage you to stay at it. Cheers
Bruce Burgess - 31 Aug 2007
Thanks for sending us the link to your new website Jen. Your art is absolutely fantastic! Very professional and wonderful use of color. What a variety of pieces you have done! We will talk about which one I must have!! Good job on the website too. Keep this up, you have much talent on more people to inspire and give pleasure to.
Ian Craigon - 31 Aug 2007
I love your work Jennifer!!! I knew I should have requested a painting a long time you'll be so rich and famous, I will never be able to afford one. It is such a thrill to see your dream come true.
Claire Craigon - 31 Aug 2007
Jen,I'm really impressed by your work. You're obviously very talented and I would think you can be very successful with this. I say, drop the food business and hit the canvas/paper full time! P.s. I'm not just saying this because Tom is my boss. He's obviously very proud of you- and justifiably so.
Alex Scheiber - 31 Aug 2007
Jen - as usual, I'm a totally amazed by you!! These paintings are incredible!! Your website looks great. I'm so happy for you!! Hugs ~
Kylie - 31 Aug 2007
Well done Jen! There are quite a few more here than I've seen before! Really like the site. Keep up the wonderful work!
Charlene Cebryk - 30 Aug 2007
Hey Jen Fantastic! Thanks for sending me the link.
Monica Parkin - 30 Aug 2007
Wow!!! I know a famous artist!!!Your pieces are very good, I really like your originality and bold use of color!
Sandra Borgfjord - 30 Aug 2007
Thanks for sending me this link. I love art and I wish you the best of success! T
Terra Larsen - 30 Aug 2007
WOW! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these! I am so happy for you. I wish you much success and happiness on your journey. Kim
Kim Cummings - 28 Aug 2007
Wow!!! Ok, we were just out there and I think we only saw 1/3rd of these...they're fantastic!! I didn't know you had so many pieces, awesome. I'm proud brother, can't wait to see whats next!
Yer brother! - 28 Aug 2007
look how much you've produced already, in so little time, with so many constraints... look out world! FABULOUS, you will be amazed how much this will get seen. very pro!
lucy schappy - 28 Aug 2007
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