Jennifer Cummings, a Canadian Artist
paintings in oil, wax and acrylic

:: Born and raised in Ontario, Jennifer’s first art instruction began as a teenager when she joined her mother for evening oil painting classes.  This experience taught her the foundations of constructing a scene and building up the layers.  She didn’t pursue the arts in her formal education but ventured to the skies and was rewarded with her pilot’s license.  Her working career ended in the mid 90’s with the start of a family.

A chance meeting with an artist in 2003 in her new town of Courtenay on Vancouver Island initiated a change and a future within the arts community.  For three years, Jennifer actualized her dream of having commercial space for creating and showcasing her work by collaborating with 4 other professional artists to establish Art Alchemy, a studio/gallery in Courtenay, BC which still operates without her involvement.

Currently Jennifer works from a home studio in Royston, BC.



'In the process of creating I'm discovering more of my self,

where my spirit lies. I travel from the comfort of my studio

to places of my own making'